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Nina’s Heavenly Delights

Year of release: 2006

Directed by: Pratibha Parmar

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Courtesy of Verve Pictures

Described by Pratbha Parmar as a film about the family, food and love, this ethnic romantic comedy tells the story of Nina Shah, a young Scottish Asian woman, who falls in love with the white Scottish Lisa while preparing to enter into a televised cooking competition.

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Rage / Wut

Year of release: 2006

Directed by: Züli Aladag

Züli Aladag's controversial made-for-television film Rage imagines the encounter between a white middle-class German family and a young Turkish migrant, who intrudes into the family and terrorises them, as an escalation of violence that challenges the liberal values of the hegemonic family.

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The Daughter of Keltoum / La fille de Keltoum

Year of release: 2001

Directed by: Mehdi Charef

The film tells the story of Railla, born in a remote village in Algeria and adopted by a Swiss couple shortly after her birth. Aged nineteen, the beautiful Railla is intent on finding her mother Keltoum in order to confront her about having abandoned her.

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The Italian / L’Italien

Year of release: 2010

Directed by: Olivier Baroux

This ethnic comedy examines the simple question why some ethnicities are 'more acceptable' in French contemporary society than others. The film centres on Mourad (played by the popular actor Kad Merad, himself of Algerian origin), who passes as an Italian called Dino Fabrizzi and works as a Maserati car dealer. All is well until his sick father asks him to observe the Ramadan in his stead. 

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The Wedding Banquet/ Xi Yan

Year of release: 1993

Directed by: Ang Lee

Wai-Tung, a Taiwanese American,  lives with his American partner Simon in a long-term gay relationship in Manhattan.  Wai-Tung's Taiwan-based parents are unaware of their son’s sexual orientation and want him to get married to a Chinese woman and produce an heir so as to continue the family line.

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Touch of Pink

Year of release: 2004

Directed by: Ian Iqbal Rashid

Alim, of Muslim Pakistani origin, currently lives with his gay lover Giles in London. When his domineering mother Nuru comes over from Toronto to stay with her son for a while, Alim pretends that he is just flat-sharing with Giles. 

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What’s Cooking?

Year of release: 2001

Directed by: Gurinder Chadha

A multi-strand narrative about several immigrant families who all live in LA's multi-ethnic Fairfax district and who are preparing the traditional American Thanksgiving meal, turkey, according to their ethnically specific recipes.

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