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Films: - Mothers

The Squale / La Squale

Year of release: 2000

Directed by: Fabrice Génestal

At the film's centre are Désiree, an androgynous black woman, and Yasmine, a more conventionally feminine beurette. They vie for the affection of the black gang leader Toussaint, who combines all possible stereotypes of male violence and delinquency, including gang raping young ethnic minority women who inhabit the banlieue, where La Squale is set. 

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Touch of Pink

Year of release: 2004

Directed by: Ian Iqbal Rashid

Alim, of Muslim Pakistani origin, currently lives with his gay lover Giles in London. When his domineering mother Nuru comes over from Toronto to stay with her son for a while, Alim pretends that he is just flat-sharing with Giles. 

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Tour Abroad / Auslandstournee

Year of release: 2000

Directed by: Ayse Polat

Ayse Polat’s road movie cum coming-of-age film Tour Abroad, which has been compared to Central Station (Walter Salles, Brazil, 1998) and Kolya (Jan Sverak, Czech Republic, 1997) and Alice in the Cities (Wim Wenders, 1974), sketches the development of a father-daughter relationship  between an orphaned eleven-year-old girl and a would-be Turkish drag queen.

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West Is West

Year of release: 2011

Directed by: Andy de Emmony

Image for West Is West

Courtesy of Assassin Films

Manchester, North of England, 1975. The now much diminished, but still claustrophobic and dysfunctional Khan family continues to struggle for survival. Sajid, the youngest Khan, the runt of the litter, is deep in pubescent crisis under heavy assault both from his father's tyrannical insistence on Pakistani tradition and from the fierce bullies in the schoolyard.

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When We Leave / Die Fremde

Year of release: 2010

Directed by: Feo Aladag

Image for When We Leave / Die Fremde

Courtesy of Independent Artists Filmproduktion

"Stop dreaming!" says the mother to her twenty-five-year-old daughter Umay when she and her young son Cem appear at the door of her parents’ Berlin apartment. Umay has run away from an unhappy marriage in Istanbul and has returned to Berlin because she wants to lead her own life again. She knows that she’s expecting a lot from her parents and siblings but she hopes that their loving relationship will mean more to them than the pressure of social conventions.

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